Distributor and Supplier

AHS has the exclusive rights to market, sell and distribute medical products and equipment in South Africa.

Public Healthcare Focus

We focus on the public and private markets in South Africa and are passionate about providing quality medical products at an affordable cost.

Socio-Economic Development

We are driven by the desire to make an impact on the lives of the South African people.


Developed for companies to screen, monitor and record (daily) the risk of COVID-19 positive persons entering a building through the use of custom developed app. 

Possible COVID-19 positive employees can be tested at our partner laboratories across South Africa with results in 90 minutes. Subject to approval from SAHPRA a point of care test. Qualitative tests can be conducted at a company’s premises.

All data can be integrated with internal HR systems and all test results are sent to the NICD or the NHLS. App integrates with contact tracing of persons whom a COVID-19 person may have been in contact (COVIDConnect Government platform).

How can COSERV help your business?

  1. We manage the COVID19 healthcare wellbeing of your employees
  2. Preventative healthcare (prophylaxis):
    • An automated application to screen your employees and the visitors entering your premises (daily).
    • Managers have data and information which may avoid large scale transmissions in your company
    • Screening questions are completed on site on a device, or an employee’s mobile phone using a QR code or WhatsApp link (reduces time take to complete paper-based forms)
  3.  Managed healthcare:
    • We manage the testing of your employees; samples take on site by our registered nurses with results within 90 minutes.
  4. Reporting and continued monitoring: 
    • Automated notifications to the relevant Government departments ensure that your company complies with the applicable legislation (reduces administration burden on your company)

As a South African business what must you do before you can operate from your business premises?

As an employer what are you required to do to maintain a safe and healthy workplace?

Practically, what does returning to work mean for your company?

Cupid Angel

Abafazi Healthcare has been supplying the National Department of Health of South Africa with the Cupid female condom since 2013. It supplies and distributes these condoms to over 200 sites across all nine provinces.

Abafazi Healthcare’s offerings are underpinned by a strong relationship with Cupid Limited, a leading manufacturer of quality male condoms, female condoms and lubricants.

The company is committed to the localisation strategies set out in the National Development Plan and intends to establish a manufacturing facility in South Africa in 2018, with the technical support of Cupid, to produce male condoms, female condoms and lubricants. In addition to creating significant jobs for South Africans, more than 50% of all employees hired at the manufacturing facility shall be women.

Forensic Medicine and Pathology
We market, sell and distribute various forensic pathology products in terms of exclusive and sole supplier agencies in South Africa.

Wholly Black-Female owned and controlled South African healthcare company.

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